Marco Villard


Born in New York City, raised in the countryside of France, Marco Villard is an artist based in New York City. Exploring cinema and contemporary art, Marcoʼs works spans several mediums such as painting, filmmaking, performance and poetry. Somewhere between the everyday life and the mythical , often following dream “non-linear” structures. Marcoʼs work is often very personal and explores the human experience within and beyond the natural world, inviting viewers to explore a multilayered world of dreams and memories, 

After graduating from the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, Marco founded in 2019 the art collective Terrasse Bleue, with which he is constantly in the work of developing films, performances and exhibitions. Marco has exhibited paintings in local galleries in Downtown New York and had his first solo exhibition in September 2019 at 171 Elizabeth Street. The show incorporated paintings, poetry as well as an immersive performance. Marco premiered his short film Yesterday Was Better at the 2020 NewFilmmaker festival , New York City. Marco is currently working on the pre-production of his first feature film.

Ramiro Batista


Ramiro Batista is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He attended a bilingual school where he was surrounded by sports and different arts. From a very young age, Ramiro trained in a variety of dances such as Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary and Ballroom. Both of his parents being actors, Ramiro grew up in rehearsals and backstage, eventually making his way to the stage at the age of twelve in the lead role of an original play called "Cabo Verde".

He eventually moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute,  as well as dancing at the Broadway Dance Center.

In 2017, Ramiro won outstanding actor in a one act or short form production, at the Planet Connections Theater Festivity. 

Michael Cong


Michael is a cinematographer from North China and a recent graduate from NYU Tish Film & television program. Michael has extensive experience shooting with both digital and analog mediums. Working with directors from New York and China has influenced Michael’s aesthetics as a cinematographer. Michael likes operating the camera himself. Staying behind the camera to observe makes him comfortable and calm. As an admirer of Robby Muller, he pursues a sympatic perspective that balances between distance and intimacy.

Marie Calfat Nascimento


Marie was raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil and at the age of 15 moved to New York City to complete her academic studies in a performing arts high school where she began exploring her passion with acting and filmmaking, which pushed her to start writing her first feature film, Commonplace. After high school Marie continued her studies at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in NYC and eventually started an art collective called, Native House, with two fellow students, where they write, direct, and act on their own short films, of which many of them were accepted in independent film festivals. Soon after graduating from Strasberg, Marie was cast in a feature film, Off Season, where she had the opportunity of working closely with director, Skyler Carkhuff, who is now part of the team on Marie’s first feature, as a director, Commonplace.

Douglas Joyman


Douglas Joyman is a native born wayfarer. Born in Lyon and raised in Sao Paulo, he is now living in New York City, where he is studying acting at the Stella Adler Academy. Douglas always naviguates between cities to seek experiences to put into his music. Success child from the movie score “ Les Choristes” (The Chorus, 2004) , he travelled all around the world to perform in different venues. Douglas is releasing his first EP in October 2020.

Eyal Bukobza


Born and raised in a small town in Israel, Eyal grew up writing and performing music.  He moved to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Insitute with teachers such as Geoffrey Horne and Suzanne Diddona. Quickly Eyal became a member of the Shakesepare theater company Shakespeare Downtown with which he did his theater debut in the company’s production of Hamlet in 2019. He then starred in films such as “Fever From Elsewhere (2019) by Marco Villard, as well as the latest Anne Marinkovits’. Since 2020, Eyal lives between Israel and New York City, working on his acting career, writing poetry and playing the oud.

Alexia Villard


After graduating from la Sorbonne University in Paris with a BA in Cinematography and from Paris VIII University with a BA in Fine Art Photography, she completed a MA in Fine Art Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work explores different forms of documentary, as she photographs objects and people close to her and reflects on intimate and personal issues. She often combines archival material, photographs and words, allowing the viewer to engage with her narratives on multiple levels.

She has been published in numerous online and paper magazines such as Ain’t bad, Superblack Hole magazine, Ignant or Uncertain State. She completed two residencies, the latest in 2017 at the Hangar Art Center in Lisbon during which she created her series ‘Saudade’. She recently became a mum and she is currently completing a documentary series on motherhood.

Alice Mackay


Alice graduated from NYU Tisch School of The Arts in the spring of 2018. While in school, she spent three years training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. She was awarded NYU's Outstanding Achievement Award for Strasberg. She recently completed two additional semesters of film training at Stone Street Studios.